Mission Five : Dublin Road/Shaftesbury Square’, - Mick O’Kelly
23 October - 2 November 2006

work starts in the evening, focusing on the activities of one of Belfast’s busiest sites at night and uses the structure as a cinema for local and trans-local films.

'Find Your Perfect Location '

Mobile apartment, adjust to suit your specific needs. Now on view on Dublin Road/ Shaftesbury Square. Desirable location, intersecting the cultural and economic hub of Belfast.  Spectacular views overlooking a variety of High Street shops, banks, restaurants, public artworks, traffic island, furnished with benches and trees...

Belfast 2006 Space Shuttle - Find your Perfect Location

With the promotion of Belfast as with Dublin and other cities bidding to become the desirable cultural and economic centre, Mick O’Kelly converts the shuttle to a mobile unit/apartment, where the selling point is the freedom of the buyer, who can choose their desired location.