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Hose who did not spend any time in sedentary work, people who spent 10 or more years in sedentary work had almost twice the risk of distal colon cancer (adjusted odds ratio 1. buy viagra on line 94, 95% confidence interval 1. viagra pills 28 to 2. 93). This association was independent of how much recreational physical activity people did and was seen even among the most recreationally active participants. A similar association was observed for cancer of the rectum, but this did not reach statistical significance (adjusted odds ratio 1. 44, 95% confidence interval 0. 96 to 2. can you buy viagra over the counter in london 18). Proximal colon cancer had no association with sedentary work. â  how did the researchers interpret the results? generic viagra without prescription The researchers say these results suggest that long-term sedentary work may increase the risk of distal colon cancer and rectal cancer, independent of physical activity. They suggest several plausible biological mechanisms through which this might happen. viagra samples One of these is that prolonged sitting has been shown to increase blood glucose levels and decrease insulin sensitivity. These are both thought to promote colorectal cancer. viagra filmtabl 20 mpg Sedentary behaviour has also been linked to a greater risk of diabetes and obesity, both risk factors for this type of cancer. cheap viagra The researchers say their findings have occupational health implications, especially since advances in technology have led to increasing amounts of sitting at work. farmacias venden viagra generico mexico â  conclusion this is a well-conducted study, using confirmed cases of bowel cancer and comparing their occupational and lifestyle habits with people without cancer. The researchers took into account several other factors that might influence the risk of bowel cancer, such as lifetime recreational physical activity and diet, age, smoking and body mass index (bmi). can i buy viagra in spain The findings have several limitations that need to be considered when interpreting the results: cancer cases were taken from the western australia cancer registry. viagra effects to women As it is mandatory to register all cases of cancer in australia we can be fairly certain that the study captured all people in this area diagnosed with bowel cancer between 2005 and 2007. Controls were randomly selected from the electoral role, which means they should be representative of the general population. However, as only 46. can i buy viagra in spain 5% of controls invited to participate responded, it is possible that they have certain behavioural or lifestyle factors influencing their decision to participate that differs from those who chose not to. Therefore the controls may not be representative of the general population without cancer. It should also be noted that as this study was conducted in australia, results may differ from what would be observed in other populations worldwide. It is not necessarily the case that people with the same job title would have the same levels of activity in their jobs, and basing sedentary levels on job title is not an ideal way of assessing them. For example, nurses were categorised as having medium occupation. ordering viagra