Writer's cramp, inc. viagra purchase online Digital and tape transcription services home why us? Faqs about us services rates transcript request file transfer contact us careers recording tips blog faqs about our transcription services search faq all faqs: faqs: how long have you been in the transcription business? order viagra How do your prices compare to other transcription services? What is your transcription process? How much will my transcription cost? How accurate are your transcripts? What audio formats will you accept? natural ingredients viagra What are your file security measures? How do i get my audio to you? generic viagra price india How can i get answers to my remaining questions? How long have you been in the transcription business? We have been in the professional transcription business since 1987. We opened our doors in 1987 and have built a very reliable, dependable and professional transcription service since then. viagra canada We began with only two transcribers and now have a staff of approximately 12 transcribers. generic viagra price india We also have three levels of transcribers, including several project coordinators, which helps to ensure that only the best quality transcripts reach our clients. How do your prices compare to other transcription services? viagra samples We are cheaper than our competitors! We are constantly researching the rates of our competitors' transcription services and always want to know what they are charging. We have even provided a rate comparison grid on our rate page that gives the results of our most recent research efforts. We also try to take economic trends into account and revise our rates accordingly. viagra canada online For instance, our current rates and discounts reflect the need most businesses now have to be austere and save money. Our recent research reinforced what we felt was the reality of current business conditions and accordingly we have lowered our rates and now offer even larger discounts. What is your transcription process? buy viagra online Once we receive your recording, it is assigned to our staff of experienced, professional initial transcribers. They are all screened and tested as part of the application process. They are then placed on probation until they prove an ability to produce high quality transcripts. viagra generic vs. brand name Once your transcript is completed, it is then sent to another team of transcribers we call project coordinators. The attention the transcript receives from the project coordinator is dependent upon your requirements and instructions. online prescriptions generic viagra If you are requesting first time through processing, the project coordinator reviews it for obvious, visual errors and prepare.  

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