Mission One: Donegall Pass’, Call Centre Collective
22 - 29 August 2006

the group initiates a series of events and provocative multi-media activities that use the environment as their theme, spacial explorations with and for the community

'Pass Odyssey'

The interdisciplinary group of artists, designers and architects from Interface, University of Ulster, work with young people and residents of Donegall Pass. Using the shuttle as a multifunctional stage, the group initiates a series of events and provocative multi-media activities that use the environment as their theme; spatial explorations with and for the community.

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Space Suit


The Call Centre Collective

Call Centre Collective are a multidisciplinary group of artists, designers
and architects who work together in the School of Art and Design,
University of Ulster. They are:

> Aoife Ludlow, a researcher in the textiles strand of Interface. She is
interested in the cross-over between textiles and interactive media.

> Doris Rohr, a research fellow at Interface interested in community work.
She is involved with many projects around Belfast. Her area is print,
drawing and photography.

> Emma McClintock, a researcher in the textiles strand of Interface. She
is the director of the Healing to Remember call for ideas for a museum
of the troubles. She also worked at the ormeau baths gallery and is
interested in curatorial work.

> Ruth Morrow, an architect and academic in the School of Art and Design.
Her areas of interest are designing for people, creative activism and

> Saoirse Higgins, a lecturer in fine art and digital media artist. She is
interested in developing sustainable and innovative ideas that assist in
the future development of post-conflict community identity.

The Timetable

Tues 22nd Aug

Exploration day launch:

  • the big whinge box
  • a doorbell for the pass
  • space walk / audio tour
  • requests for Pass Broadcast
  • snap shots of the Pass - Past and Present

10:00am - 4:00pm Time to say Hello to the urbanauts and learn more about the week’s activities over tea/ coffee.
  Opening Event : All Welcome 6:00pm - 7:30pm  
Wed 23rd Aug Passbroadcast I 10:00am - 3:00pm

A day of playing with radio sounds/ recordings/ equipment with young men and woman of pass.
Visit to Radio studios

Thurs 24th Aug

Model Pass

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11:00am - 4:00pm How would the Pass be if the houses were bigger, the streets full of trees and each street had its own play area?  Imagine a different pass and try your hand at building models of a new pass. Don’t worry there will be people there to help!
Frid 25th Aug Arch Future 11:00am - 4:00pm A workshop for all ages working creativity on an Arch for the future.
Sat 26th Aug Passbroadcast II 10.00am-3.00pm Young men and women of the pass broadcast to the neighbourhood.
Sun 27th Aug Shiny, sparkly Sunday afternoon 12.00pm-4.30pm An event for the Women of the Pass. Indulge yourselves in some beauty therapy.
Mon 28th Aug

Space Suit

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10:00am - 3:00pm Something for the kids amongst us – in best ‘blue peter’ style build your own space suit. Prizes for the best work individually or in teams. Star in a moon walk video.
  Evening : Big PROJECTION Night 7.00pm-10.00pm Prize giving before the film, then sit back, relax and enjoy the experience of watching images and short films in the open air. (weather permitting!)
Tues 29th Aug 'WHAT NEXT?' Day 2.00pm-6.30pm Drop in to space shuttle for farewell cup of tea and tell us: what next?
Space Shuttle launched back into orbit of ‘planet Belfast’ on Wed 30th Aug.

The Events

The Big Whinge Box

The Big Whinge Box, Donegall Pass, Call Centre Collective

An elaborate and ornate contraption for collecting the environmental concerns of local community and passing them on to local representatives and concerned bodies. Some whinges selected and worked through – the method/ routes by which they are ‘unpeeled’ will then be made visible using large posters. Project designed to reveal routes to solve local problems and hence empower community.

A Doorbell For The Pass

Just when they thought, they had thought of everything, it appears not. Yes, we are talking about personalised doorbell. If your can have a personalised ring tone on your mobile than why not on the doorbell? You can record your own music or voice messages as ring tones especially for the Pass. The Best entry wins the Pass doorbell.

Arch Future

Donegall Pass has a long and significant history of constructing arches to celebrate the twelfth. Suggestions for this project include:
printing an image of an arch constructed in 1905 onto clear plastic and hanging on pass.

  • re-make an early version of the arch using the same or as close to the same techniques.
  • re-think some of the symbolism used on the arch to bring it up to date with contemporary concerns. include the multi-cultural aspects of the community- a new arch with the old tradition.
  • re-construct the scene from one of the old black and white photos showing the arch- Find relatives of the people in the photo and set up the shot exactly the same. Exhibit.

This project could mark the beginning of a longer process in revealing the cultural heritage of the area. Opportunity for Skill development.


Passbroadcast, Donegall Pass, Call Centre Collective

An opportunity to broadcast to the Pass. Involving all generations. Designed to bring people and young people together around a creative action. Opportunity for Skill development.

Model Pass

Model Pass, Donegall Pass, Call Centre Collective

A simple workshop designed to encourage members of local community to come together to build a 3-D model of their plans for pass – in cardboard or cake. The simple act of seeing your community from above allows people to engage with its bigger issues – the cake is to dispel angst around architectural models. Potential to work with residents group who are concerned about housing issues.

Space Walk / Audio Tour

Collecting audio memories related to the built fabric of Donegall Pass from across the community and generating an audio tour and map for Space Shuttle Event and beyond. Early stages in generating a shared yet diverse community identity.

Shiny, Sparkly Sunday Afternoon

Shiny, Sparkly Sunday Afternoon, Donegall Pass, Call Centre Collective

An afternoon of luxury for the woman of the pass, perhaps a manicure, a head massage or a pedicure. Come and indulge yourself in the space shuttle.

Finding common ground amongst the Women of the Pass

Space Suit

Space Walk, Donegall Pass, Call Centre Collective

A provocative workshop where space suits are designed for survival on the Pass. Strong visual outcome, capturing the feelings on the pass of their environment. Possible moonwalk videos. Potential for Press coverage.

Big Projection Night

Big Projection Night

Over the time of the space shuttle landing, the community is asked to provide images both past and present that capture their sense of community, space, humor and special occasions and daily lives. Together with the images of the week these are projected on a large open-air surface for a night of fun, relaxation and reflection.

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